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How to replace poly v-belt with tensioners MERCEDES-BENZ C W204 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC
How to replace / change / install / replacement poly v-belt / ribbed belt / v ribbed belt / multi v belt / poly belt / serpentine belt with tensioners on MERCEDES-BENZ C W204 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC
Top brands that produce poly v-belt with tensioners: BOSCH, STARK, SACHS, SKF, VAN WEZEL, VALEO, LuK, MAPCO, A.B.S., ATE.

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Poly v-belt:
Poly v-belt for MERCEDES-BENZ:
Poly v-belt for MERCEDES-BENZ C W204:

Tensioners for MERCEDES-BENZ:
Tensioners for MERCEDES-BENZ C W204:

00:56 — Use a socket №7
01:48 — Use a socket №8
03:39 — Using a torx № Т70 and a cotter pin fix the tensioner.
05:13 — Use a socket №E12
06:26 — Use a torx №T50

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How to replace poly v-belt with tensioners MERCEDES-BENZ C W204 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

4 thoughts on “Mercedes auto repair”

  1. This is from just answer website I'm going to  try it as I need to replace my whole tensioner. I was going to cough up the money and send it to the mechanic as the complexity and time involved to remove the super charger looked way to difficult for my limited talents.BUt i have been reserved about spending this much money on a car that isn
    t worth that much.
    HighwayRepair :
    Multiple techs do this in different ways but if you remove just the left motor mount you can gain enough access to use a long extension with a swivel socket on it and loosen and remove the bolt from the rear. I use an 18" extension with a universal swivel socket on that, with the torx bit socket on that. When i do this I am working with a vehicle life, so i can support the motor from underneath fairly easily. It will still be possible but much tighter if you are working on the floor as you will have to support the motor with a floor jack in order to remove the motor mount. I can provide you with the actual factory instructions if you'd like, but they tell you to remove the compressor and aren't very helpful if you are going to do it the way i recommend. The noise is definitely possible, one thing you can watch for with a faulty belt tensioner is if you pop the hood and look at the belt tensioner with the vehicle at idle it "bounces" allot. A properly functioning belt tensioner has very little play with the engine at idle.
    HighwayRepair :
    Depending on your availability of tools it may be worth your time to unbolt the a/c compressor. If so, you DO NOT want to disconnect the a/c compressor lines, merely disconnect it from the engine and "scoot" it to the side, to gain better access to the bolt for the belt tensioner. I am going to attach to workshop instructions. The first is how to remove the left motor mount. These instructions say to remove the a/c compressor, you can detach the engine mount without removing the a/c compressor, but considering disconnecting the a/c compressor will also grant you better access to the bolt for the tensioner it is probably faster and easier to go ahead and remove the bolts that connect the ac compressor to the motor. Removal of the manifold/supercharger is 100% NOT required. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask, this job is definitely one that can be done much easier than the Mercedes instructions describe.

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