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Mercedes Benz Service & Repair | G&N Motors
G&N Motors MBZ Certified Mercedes-Benz Service&Repair
Address: 10699 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone: (310) 441-1956
M-F 7:30AM-6:00PM
Sat. 8:00AM-2:00PM
Closed Sunday

Towing Available for;
Los Angeles County, Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Westwood, Marina del Rey & more

Want to know why over 10,000 Mercedes owners trust G and N Motors to repair and service their Mercedes Benz?

It’s because our factory trained and certified Mercedes Benz technicians know everything there is to know about Mercedes. We keep up to date with all the latest technology so we can service everything including the latest high end models. If you just bought a brand new Mercedes, don’t worry we got you covered, and your warranty will be protected. We can handle anything including CLA, C-Class, E-class, S-Class, G-class, GL, GLA, GLS, GLC, GLE and all AMG Vehicles. It doesn’t matter if you have a coup, SUV, Wagon or hybrid we will get the job done.

You’ll pay less than you will at the dealer, but more importantly, your Mercedes will get the very best white glove service and repairs available.
Here is just one of over 150 rave reviews,

All I can say is that they do a top notch job for Mercedes Benz vehicles. All the technicians have tons of experience they all come from a variety of Mercedes dealerships and their customer service is exquisite. Communication is extraordinary. They make their customers feel welcome. The Manager and the technicians take the time to explain everything they are doing in detail and they don’t try and sell you things you don’t want. I highly recommend taking your Mercedes Benz to G&N Motors.

Stop by and see what over 10,000 Mercedes Benz Owners are raving about. When you do, we will even give you a complimentary battery for your remote control key and reprogram it at no charge.
Give us a call at (310) 441-1956 or visit us online at

Mercedes Benz Service & Repair | G&N Motors
(Quick and Simple) Mercedes C Class/G Class Wagon B5 Service Reset Oil Service Indicator Light
Quick and simple how to reset the service light in less than 2 minutes on a C Class. The car used is a 2011 Mercedes C250. This also works on G Class If this video was useful to you please give it a like and i will do more help videos

(Quick and Simple) Mercedes C Class/G Class Wagon B5 Service Reset Oil Service Indicator Light

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  1. Awesome vid. Works on a 13 g wagon. Just a tip for anyone confused, if a message comes up and says cannot confirm service, just try turning the ignition off and back on again, the message should have been cleared anyway. Cheers!

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