Mercedes Benz SL500 Active Body Control Repair – Hydraulic Fluid Leaks Fix

Mercedes Benz SL500 Active Body Control Repair - Hydraulic Fluid Leaks Fix
Learn how to fix Mercedes-Benz SL500 ABC Car Problem, Fluid leaking by Mercedes Benz Techs.
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Mercedes Benz SL500 Active Body Control Repair – Hydraulic Fluid Leaks Fix

17 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz SL500 Active Body Control Repair – Hydraulic Fluid Leaks Fix”

  1. Should have cut the new and old hose and then braised it back together with a sleeve, done it twice, need to work clean. Before you touch it, check vin number with the M dealer for recalls as I think this one was a recall.

  2. Its only money pit machine when things just reach theyre limit of operation.Every car is money pit machine when its older it just depends on ppl if they have those extra thousands laying around to replace old parts and then you have an great car at your hands. any project car needs some investment of time and money but many ppl think that they will just buy it and drive it like it didnt had any hystory behind it.

  3. If you want to buy SL r230, just take Sl350 version its comes with standard non abc suspension, much cheaper to maintain. Only drawback is weaker m122 3.7 engine, but its also ok, not much that difference between m113 5.0.

  4. Just get yellow speed coilovers and enjoy it if you got it for cheap totally worth it body

  5. I found your video very interesting. I am thinking of buying a used 2007 through 2009 SL 550 (always wanted one…) but am concerned about the ABC system. Besides looking for leaks how can someone determine it's shape. Can a qualified mechanic inspect or perform a test or…. to know if it's reliable?

  6. I notice you have an Atlanta phone number I'm in Kennesaw. I just bought an 03 s55 and have the abc warning light on periodically and I hear a loud hissing sound coming from the pulsation damper in the front passenger side. It hisses loudly when the engine is running and hisses loudly for another minute or so after the car is shut off. I was thinking of bleeding the system but that hissing almost sounds like the damper has failed all together. No physical fluid leaks anywhere on the vehicle.

  7. Thanks for this, a nice one where i live is for sale, thanks but no thanks. A big money pit!

  8. In other words, do not buy a R230 SL. Instead, get the R129 instead. Cheaper to fix and to maintain. No ABC issues. R230s value are dropping like a sinker in the lake. If you must have a drop top with 4 round headlights, consider the CLK Cabrio.

  9. Hi. Thanks for this introductory vid! I bought a 2003 Mercedes SL500 recently and so far Ive tackled many of the fixes myself. But now the Car gives me a message saying “ABC Drive carefully” when i hit the slightest bumps or dips but I see now visible leeks and the hydraulic fluid levels are good. What should I check first?

  10. Most of these cars don't have this as an ongoing issues. It's the pump, nitro balls and retiming life of ABC ECU

  11. Good day, would you suggest that we rather take out the ABC-system completely and replace it with normal shocks and coils? Should be a lot less maintenance going forward? Regards.

  12. Thanks for the vid brother, i just picked up an SL600, i also have leaking high pressure hose but it's a very small leak, however i have a big leak on the two hoses that runs under the radiator, tracing it, it goes from strut to strut. Are these easy to change? Anything special that i need to do like drain all the hydraulic fluid? heard once you drain the fluid the pump doesn't self prime and you have to manually get it to prime so it doesn't run dry. Where are you guys located? Would love to pay you guys to work on my car, as you seem to know what you're doing.

  13. Thanks for sharing. I don't have one of these but I do have an 05 s55 AMG an looks almost like the same line leaking on mine. Will I have to drop sub frame as well_

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