Mercedes Cranks but does not start diagnostics

Mercedes Cranks but does not start diagnostics
Mercedes Cranks but does not start diagnostics
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Hey guys, we got this Mercedes at the shop and the problem with it is that it does not start. It cranks but does not start. The engine turns over with no problem but the car did not want to start. We started messing with it. We tried to see if we get spark, after that we checked for engine codes and the only code stored was related to MAF sensor. However, this was not the problem. The car was not getting any fuel. It ended up being a dirty fuel filter. We have another video on the fuel filter. DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY OF THE INFORMATION IN THIS VIDEO. IT IS FOR ENTERTAINING PURPOSE ONLY!!!

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Mercedes Cranks but does not start diagnostics
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18 thoughts on “Mercedes Cranks but does not start diagnostics”

  1. When i have corrosion problems, I disconnect the affected electrical part and cleaning with sand blaster, blowing and putting dielectric grease. This one working for me.

  2. How I fixed my no start was from troubleshooting with this video. My dad eventually came into help but we got it. I changed CPS to no avail although it may of been one of the problems.when you have start enable fuse fried when trying to crank it may fowl your plugs.additives like fuel injection cleaner also can clog your injectors. How I fixed it was pull the plugs cleaned a few up. Went To fuel pressure line and released a bit of gas after I pulled #4 fuse(fuel pump) it seemed to purge the gas in the lines because it seemed to be flooded. Cranking with the fuse blown I believe fowled plugs and flooded the car with dad figured trying to start with that fuse out and it did the trick.i think because it used what gas it had in the line without adding excess gas via the fuel pump. Starting fluid also helped I believe may have cleaned M.a.F sensor. But use actually m.a.f cleaner because it leaves no happy to have my car back .

  3. M113 crank and no start situation – always check the crankshaft position sensor first. It's a common failure item and costs 50 bucks to replace.

  4. i had same issue last year with my E200 Komprser but my fuel pump died n i have to put new one n then it was gud to go

  5. Mercedes Benz is a good reason to buy an old timer where you don't have all of the chip shit /sensors and the biodegradable lead free non violent emissions crap that's designed to keep the dealers and the government fat !

  6. I had a 98 ML320, same symptoms, low fuel pressure when I checked with a guage. I replaced the fuel pump, and still same problem. Starts up when cranking it, then immediately dies. Tried pouring fuel in intake, and ran good for a few seconds, then quit. I replaced the CPS also still no running.

  7. Hello me I have a clk 200k gasoline 1.8, when I start the car the engine does not work, until discharging the battery, I recharged the battery and still impossible to start, have a solution ??

  8. allot of time the motor in the pump will run , but it won't pump fuel= bad fuel pump!

  9. To verify the filter is blocked, use a fuel pressure gauve on that schrader valve and if you get no pressure with the pump on thats definitely your issue

  10. The low pressure pump is faulty, happened to a c220 I had at work, all it needs is replacing

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