#RDBLA STARLIGHT G4X4, FERRARI Protection, C63S AMG Repairs.

#RDBLA STARLIGHT G4X4, FERRARI Protection, C63S AMG Repairs.
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Another G 4×4 gets LIT!

Ferrari 488 Clear Bra Protection.

C63S AMG Gets Repaired!

Impala comes in to start a color change.

Maintenance/Service work.

BMW M760i Preview!

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#RDBLA STARLIGHT G4X4, FERRARI Protection, C63S AMG Repairs.
Mercedes C63 AMG Running Costs - The 10K Mile Service ONLY Cost This Much!?
The miles have been ticking on the AMG.. today it’s time for the 10K mile service! Here’s how much it cost.. http://instagram.com/autovlog

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Mercedes C63 AMG Running Costs – The 10K Mile Service ONLY Cost This Much!?

31 thoughts on “#RDBLA STARLIGHT G4X4, FERRARI Protection, C63S AMG Repairs.”

  1. whats the name of the beat played when the g wagon is being put the star roof does anyone know

  2. I been doing some reading about the real starlight headliner from RR. Yo how do they find people willing to do that work? crazy. You think they would use a robot. Naw.

  3. Interviewer, dont ever say to a customer what are you doing here you fkin doughnut.

  4. Mano needs to just shave his head , he will look 10 years younger and get his end away in some pussy

  5. This channel’s contents are dope af. Just a constructive criticism, camera guy can up his game. Watch Halcyon, Harnett Media, Schwaafilms, or Woyshnis Media. If you can be leveled with those, I swear…..

  6. What fiber optic module is that perhaps the model number? Also what thickness fiber optics please? Thank you for these awesome videos

  7. Okay. You had my attention for a few videos. Avoiding this channel form now on. Lot of talking. Absolutely no useful information.

  8. My oil change for my Accent, I get it done at my work is 37 bucks 😂😂😂

  9. They could have charged you $99 to put fresh mercedes air in your tires and you would have thought that was a good deal. What an unqualified brainless idiot.

  10. I definitely prefer the de-badged look. As always, it's a matter of personal taste, of course.
    And 200.05 Dollars don't seem as that much. The last service we did on a car here in Germany was on a Toyota and for 6 liters of oil (was a inline-4 Diesel model), we paid 160 Euros including filter, which converts to 170 Dollars or so, you do the math. So, not that bad for a biturbo V8…

  11. I don’t know about everyone else here but $200 for a “Service A” which sounds like a glorified oil change is insane given there are videos on how to change your oil by yourself on almost any car on YouTube. One day in the future I want to buy a Benz just a regular C class (that’s my dream car). I would rather see if I can change the oil myself before taking it to the dealer. The other inspections sounds like basic maintenance like adding fluid. For inspecting the brakes isn’t there a sensor connected to them that will let you know when you’re due to change them? Won’t it appear on your dashboard?

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