Chris Harris Drives The Mercedes G500 4×4 Squared | Top Gear

Chris Harris Drives The Mercedes G500 4×4 Squared | Top Gear
Chris Harris Drives The Mercedes G500 4x4 Squared | Top Gear
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14 thoughts on “Chris Harris Drives The Mercedes G500 4×4 Squared | Top Gear”

  1. Fawexx says:

    the perfect car for every situation.

  2. Samual Jones says:

    This will teach the G Wagon a lesson and costs a lot less:

  3. DEACONAP4LOVE says:

    This would be a dream. Same color and everything. I’d get that muhfucka dirty the way it needs to be.

  4. First And Last says:

    This guy should present TG solo, dump the two northern jokers, change the format and make it a car show.

  5. Happily Ham says:

    I hate that colour.

  6. Dhirender Kumar says:

    I like that crash guard pipe just commercial vehicle

  7. Neymarr Forza horizon 4 says:

    These videos are so well done

  8. John Warner IV says:

    H1 Hummers have all independent suspension. And they cost a lot less.

  9. andrew middleton says:

    Completely missed the point of this vehicle…. How about talking about the portal axles and their benefits? The lockers and how they work… etc… This is such a pedestrian report of a G-Wagen that it conveys absolutely no useful information at all.

  10. Joe Average says:

    USELESS. It's barely worth 50 grand.

  11. J Rashkan says:

    I want one..damn

  12. Mike Ciulini says:

    my dream personal transport tank

  13. paul hunter says:

    what a stupid thing its market is essex

  14. mitekiev says:

    заправочная горловина с другой стороны

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