Major Repairs 2: Chassis & Rust Repair [Mercedes Sprinter]

Major Repairs 2: Chassis & Rust Repair [Mercedes Sprinter]
Major Repairs 2: Chassis & Rust Repair [Mercedes Sprinter]
In the second part of the Week long “major repairs” I tackle the underside of the van. The chassis and front cab were just getting to a stage where I was going to start having real problems if I didn’t can’t the rust.

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11 thoughts on “Major Repairs 2: Chassis & Rust Repair [Mercedes Sprinter]”

  1. Me You says:

    This is why you find sprinters on the fast lane right behind you steaming on, they just get lighter with age.

  2. Nick Boylen says:

    Waxoil is rubbish. Go on Facebook and look for Buzzweld. Craig (owner) is very helpful, customer service is second to none, and he’ll give you all the advice, tips and know how you need for proper preservation.

  3. TK42138 says:

    I use a product called 'Vactan'. It looks similar to the Kurust but it's self-priming and can be left unpainted but it's also self-priming and can be topcoated. Very effective even when it's not topcoated.

  4. Terry Lee says:

    All you need to do was make sure your wax always hot and if you’ve got a good compressor there by paraffin spray gun pennies from the shop you can actually spray the wax all done it loads of times lot better it gets in everywhere inside the chassis legs everything. enjoyed the video

  5. Chris Stevens says:

    Chassis rusting takes place from inside out. Surface rust in many cases will be an indication of holes. The ONLY way to assess structural damage is with a small welding hammer, which can be used on any dodgy looking areas. Painting over areas which may well be badly corroded might get the van through another MOT if tester isnt that attentive, but rust will need to be dealt with properly at some stage and its less work if rust can be detected and sorted earlier rather than later.

  6. Neale Burgess says:

    Well worth doing. Great job. And I so want a Mini Van!

  7. Lewis Manns says:

    Need to see more of the Mini

  8. Barry Neville says:

    Really enjoying the channel, keep up the good work!!!

    I think the Kurust stuff you are using should be pronounced "Cure Rust" then again, I could be wrong? 🙂

  9. Pugwash says:

    A good dirty job done.

  10. Philip p says:

    The TELMA RETARDER is more than an electronic brake, it is a form of alternator as it works on eddy currents. Basically you could use it not only as a power absorbtion device but even as a source. It is well worth investigating how it works and how useful it is. In honesty you should be using it more than your brake pedal. The vehicle I used that had one had a progressive finger switch which was like an indicator stalk by the steering wheel, it became second nature to use it on all hills and all motorways /dual carriageways.

  11. Norfolkc says:

    Why not steam clean it first so you can see where the problems are

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