Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG | the transmission block Overview

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG | the transmission block Overview
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG | the transmission block Overview
3,7,An electrical line runs along|the transmission block.||
8,10,Detach this cable using suitable tools.|||
11,16,Cut through all cable ties.|||
17,23,First place the wiring harness |to one side.||
24,33,Unscrew the upper screw |on the transmission mount.||
34,43,Repeat the procedure on the mount |on the other side of the vehicle.||
45,49,Fasten a tensioning strap|underneath the torque tube.||
50,60,Once all of the bolts are removed, the |tensioning strap prevents the transmission |and engine from dropping down too much.|
63,68,Remove the rubber cover from |the transmission bell housing.||
73,83,Put a lifting platform in place and |raise it up until the mounts are free.||
85,91,On the lower transmission carrier, |remove the 3 bolts highlighted and |remove the transmission mount.|
92,97,Repeat the procedure on the |other side of the vehicle.||
106,108,Lower the transmission.|||
109,114,At the top, disconnect the electrical plug |contact of the “Gear set” controller unit.||
115,121,The transmission is then only |connected to the torque tube.||
122,127,Place a block of wood between the |torque tube and front reinforcement brace.||
128,137,This prevents the engine |from hitting the firewall.||
142,147,At the transition from the torque tube to |the transmission, unscrew 3 of 4 bolts.||
148,150,Replace the bolts during installation.|||
151,153,Leave the upper bolt in place.|||
154,159,Proceed in the same way on |the other side of the vehicle.||
165,172,Remove 2 further bolts at |the bottom of the flange.||
174,182,On the right-hand side, |remove the remaining bolt.||
183,190,Proceed in the same way |on the left-hand side.||
191,200,And in the center of the flange.|||
201,207,Carefully detach the transmission|from the torque tube.||
208,218,Pay attention to all hoses |and lines in the process.||
229,234,The dual clutch transmission of |the SLS AMG is now removed.||
235,240,The housing may only be opened |by qualified staff.||
241,243,If the transmission is to be transported|using a crane, …||
243,247,… attach a lifting device to the top.|||
248,253,The corresponding threaded holes|are already in place.||
254,264,Depending on what is being repaired,|the side mounting brackets|can be detached.|
274,279,This is what the SLS AMG looks like|without its dual clutch transmission.||
280,284,All wiring harnesses and lines|are now exposed.||
285,291,The connecting flange to the drive shaft |of the torque tube is shown here.||
292,302,Slightly grease the transmission |input shaft before installation.||
306,309,Use a new bolt to attach the bracket.|||
310,313,Install in the reverse order.|||
314,318,Ask an assistant for help when flange |mounting the transmission to the torque tube.||
319,323,Note: |There is an adjustment ring on the shaft.||
324,327,Use a hexagon head bit to press |against the spring force.||
328,336,This causes the teeth of the transmission |input shaft to engage with those |of the torque tube.|
337,339,Reattach all components.|||
340,345,Check oil levels of transmission|and correct if necessary.||
349,355,Using Star Diagnosis, perform initial startup|with adaptation and a quick test.||
356,363,The dual clutch transmission of the |SLS AMG is then ready to transmit |the full power of the engine.|
364,367,Perform a test drive.|||