Mercedes Benz / w211 e320 e500 Airmatic Air Ride Repair pt1

Mercedes Benz / w211 e320 e500 Airmatic Air Ride Repair pt1
Mercedes Benz / w211 e320 e500 Airmatic Air Ride Repair pt1
I will attempt to repair a small leak in the air ride based on some info from a friend, more to come, subscribe for the next vids

7 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz / w211 e320 e500 Airmatic Air Ride Repair pt1”

  1. Deshaun Keys says:

    Where is part 2??

  2. Paul Trujillo says:

    what state are you located in

  3. Daynna High-Brewington says:

    Hey Sam! I was looking for your part 2 video. Did you finish the air suspension fix on mercedes? Would love to view it. My son had similar issue the other day while driving. By no means am I a mechanic but I could have some insight of what needs to be done. Thanks!

  4. Memaw does America (RV life) says:
    maybe this can help

  5. Jack Beeler says:

    Hello I wanted to share some of my knowledge to hopefully help you not make the same mistakes I have in the past working on the 211 chassis. First off I want to tell you that your plan of driving the car with a leaking air spring untill it can no longer hold the car is awful ;). I have done this and what happens is that the tires no longer wear correctly becuase the cars level cannot be held contestant because it is leaking on one the shocks(that cost me a new set of front tires cause the sidewalls where worn to the belt). Secondly you will ruin your 400 airmatic pump very quickly as i also did. The car now has to run the pump much more often to keep the level up, and remind you these pumps run quite often with no leaks anyways.

    Secondly you will not want to purchase a OEM air spring as this design calls for removal of the sub frame due to the use of small reservoirs each of the air springs has. instead buy arnott replacement ones, simple 45 min job and you omit the use of a reservoir.

    I have worked on many 211 cars and leaks coming from the lines themselves are extremely rare, unless caused by someone doing a bad repair.

    Ive seen a ton of problems with the 211 E class, let me know if i can be any help.

  6. Rich T says:

    My E500 does the same thing after a couple of days sitting parked.

  7. BadBoyJR says:

    REBUILD the AIR PUMP first, I had the same problem before. I did not hear any air escaping. there is a kit in Ebay for about $20.00 and u can watch in youtube how it's done.

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